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Cartridge Style Pressure Reducing Valve

Taco's cartridge style pressure reducing valve sets a new standard for performance and serviceability. All the parts are contained in a one piece cartridge which can be easily removed and serviced without reducing the system pressure. A fast-fill mode that automatically returns to the normal mode when the set pressure is reached and delivers increased flow to speed system fill times. Its unique dial-in pressure setting allows for easy adjustment throughout the 10-50 psi range, without the need for an external gauge.


Features Include:

  • One-Piece Cartridge — For for fast servicing and maintenance without draining the system.

  • Self Compensating — Pressure balanced diaphragm ensures unmatched output pressure stability, even when inlet pressure fluctuates severely.

  • Stainless Steel Spindle — Reduces erosion and corrosion for premium performance over the life of the valve.

  • Integral Stainless Steel Coaxial Strainer — Prevents system debris from affecting valve performance.

  • Dial-Up Pressure Setting — Eliminates pressure gauges.

  • Quiet Operation, Easy Installation — In any position.

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