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LTR Series Low Water Cutoff

The Taco LTR Series Low Water Cutoff (LTR) is a microprocessor-based low water cutoff for detecting the presence of water in a boiler that provides reliable protection for residential and light commercial hot water boilers. It uses advanced signal processing to identify when the probe signal levels have decreased due to possible fouling. Thanks to these technologies, the LTR functions longer without requiring annual probe cleaning and maintenance and it functions normally under non-ideal installation conditions. A convenient, all-in-one design containing test button, plug n' play wiring harness and instant feedback maintenance LED lights.

Features Include:
  • One-piece sealed design for use with residential hot water boilers.
  • Test button to quickly verify correct installation and wiring.
  • Extended probe impedance sensitivity to 40K Ohms.
  • LED indicator lights: Green-to-red to indicate when boiler water level is low; amber LED to indicate when probe needs cleaning.
  • 24 VAC wiring harness.
  • Automatic reset when water level returns to safe level.
  • Compatible with gas-fired and oil-fired residential boilers.
  • Ideal for use with smaller high-efficiency boilers.

LWCO LTR video
Learn about the LWCO LTR in this short video.

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