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"00"® Cartridge Circulators

Taco “00"® Cartridge Circulators are rugged, versatile, quick and easy to install. With their self-lubricating design and no mechanical seal, they provide unmatched reliability that makes them maintenance free. Every Taco “00”® circulator features a field-replaceable cartridge that contains all the moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator. Field service could not be faster or simpler to perform.

Taco “00”® IFC Cartridge Circulators feature an Integral Flow Check (IFC) that eliminates the additional installation costs that go along with separate in-line flow checks, improves system performance and further reduces maintenance.

Taco “00”® Cartridge Circulators deliver excellent service at fluid temperatures from 40° F (4° C) to 240° F (115° C) and up to 125 PSI maximum working pressure. Their wide variety of configurations, flange orientation, mounting and other options, materials and capabilities provide you with great performance in a broad range of applications

“00”® Cartridge Circulator Features Include:
  • Standard High-Capacity Output
  • Direct Drive, Low Power Consumption
  • Universal Flange-to-Flange Dimension – Ideal for retrofits
  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design—Field serviceable
  • Unmatched Reliability – Maintenance Free
    • Self Lubricating
    • No Mechanical Seal
    • Exclusive Dirt Barrier -- Keeps dirty system water out of bearing chamber
    • Ceramic Shaft – For longer life and excellent wear resistance
  • UL Listed, Impedance Protected Motor
  • Anti-Condensate Baffle (ACB) to Protect Motor Windings (Models 0011, 0012, 0013)
  • Optional Integral Flow Check Valve (IFC)™
  • Optional Priority Zoning Relay
  • Optional Plumb n’ Plug Pre-Wired Timer Control