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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. I am instaling a hydronic system utilizing the Taco 006 pump. The loop configuration makes placing the pump on the supply rather than the return much easier. Can the BT6 004 bronze pump be used at the supply side with 160 water temperature without adversely affecting pump performance or useful life?

Q. Can I run my 00 Series pump at 50 Hz with 115 V?

Q. I have a 008-V2 pump on my solar system. Do you still make this pump?

Q. What does a 007-BF5-J mean?

Q. Is there a replacement cartridge for the 007-F1 or 007-1?

Q. Can a "00" Series pump be used for a swimming pool application?

Q. What circulator will replace the old 150, 152, & 195?

Q. Will a 007-F5 replace a 007-F2 circulator?

Q. I have a 007 pump. How much will it pump?

Q. I am using a 008-S7 pump in a solar heating system without flanges. What do I cross it to?

Q. I have a 006-B2 pump that is not working properly. My electric water heater is 2 years old and the water coming out of the outlets is not hot.

Q. I have a 006-B4 in a solar hot water system. It's less than 2 years old, and the impeller keeps getting stuck.

Q. I have had recurring failures of the Taco 007 Circulating Pump over the last several years. Any thoughts?

Q. Are the CI and bronze 00 circulators both furnished with Norel impellers?

Q. Under nominal steady-state pumping conditions, what is the power factor of the 007 circulator?

Q. I have a 007 Pump that came with two circular gaskets. I was told to install it with the gasket in the groove of the pump, and to use a second, larger gasket which is in the shape of the flange, on top of it. Is this correct?

Q. I have a Taco 009 circulator pump with the motor mounted in the vertical position. A constant, low-pitched humming (reciprocating) is heard through the rooms fed by that heating loop. Should the pump be re-oriented?

Q. My home has 2 heating zones with one B&G 100 pump. There is about 140 feet of baseboard on the first floor. Will the 007 pump work for us or should we get the 110?

Q. Do you have any data on putting two 009 in series or possibly combining the 009 in series with another circulator to boost head and flow rates?

Q. I have a circulating pump, model 6-BCF, that stopped working. It does nothing when plugged in, but gets very hot. Do I have to replace the whole pump or only a part?

Q. I need a pump for a drain-down solar hot water system. Is the Taco 007 the right selection for a 12 foot head?

Q. Can I, just a homeowner, install a 007-045rp myself?

Q. When calculating system resistance, how much pipe should be added for elbow fittings?