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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Wiring a WAGS to an Oil Burner

Q. Wiring a WAGS to a Intermittent Gas Control

Q. Can the WAGS valve be used on water heaters that are not gas-fired?

Q. What happens if the valve gets splashed by the T&P valve or when I'm mopping the floor?

Q. What about high humidity environments? Will the element dissolve?

Q. Can I reuse the valve?

Q. Do I need a pan?

Q. Why do you supply a dam and condensate drain tube with the valve?

Q. How do I know that the valve has been activated?

Q. If the WAGS valve works and shuts off my water supply to the tank will all the water in the tank still leak out?

Q. Does the WAGS valve need electricity to work?

Q. Does the valve require any regular scheduled service?

Q. Does the valve make a good Christmas gift?

Q. My water heater is 7 years old. Do I need to buy a new water heater or can I put this onto my existing water heater?

Q. What else do I need to complete the installation other than the valve?