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Solar Water Heating

Taco makes comfort easy across a wide spectrum of system applications. Interest in solar energy and demand for solar heating systems are growing rapidly, and our growing line of products for solar water heating applications is keeping pace.

The Taco Solar Pumping Station (SPS-PC-1) combines all the features needed for a closed loop solar water heating system. Just 5 easy connections to make: 2 for the solar collector(s), 2 for the storage tank's heat exchanger and 1 for the expansion tank. The Solar Pumping Station includes a circulator with an integral variable speed solar control, isolation ball valves, air elimination, flow meter and safety group.

The Solar X-Pump Block combines a stainless steel flat plate heat exchanger, two bronze circulators and a solar differential temperature control in one compact package, to make installation a snap.

Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator combines the advanced features of our external speed and solar controls with the reliability and convenience of the dependable "00" circulator to continuously optimize water flow through the solar collector for maximum energy gain.

'Standard' "00" Cartridge Circulators for Solar Applications in a variety of sizes work well in solar water heating applications, such as our 009 Cartridge Circulator in solar drainback applications.

Download the Taco Solar Water Heating brochure for product and application guidance.

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