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Orleans Elementary School
Orleans Elementary School
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Smart Farming with a Smart Hydronic System

To chicken farmer Earl Ray Zimmerman of Lancaster County, PA, keeping his 30,000 broilers (chickens for meat) warm at a steady temperature is critical to his profit picture. Sustainability is at the top of his list, too, so Matt Aungst of Total Energy Solutions, LLC teamed up with Taco to create a sustainable, precision hydronic chicken house heating solution. Matt used Taco's free Hydronic System Solutions® software to design the system.  READ MORE

Green Solutions from the HVAC system experts!

Taco wrote the book on LEED hyrdonic technology with its LoadMatch® single pipe systesms and its LOFlo® radiant chilled beam systems. Now, these new intelligent variable speed drives bring even more efficiency and performance to the table!

Skip the Balancing Act!

Here's a giant leap forward for variable speed pumping: the SelfSensing Series with ProBalance™. At the heart is the patent pending SelfSensing ProBalance™ technology. The VFD's self-sensing capabilities make fast, accurate do-it-yourself system balancing easy. Reduced balanc-
ing contractor costs, no expensive wiring, and no addi-
tional sensors needed make the SelfSensing Series a real breakthrough.

Seamless Integration

Handle ALL your pumping needs! Just incorporate this revolutionary control with your CONSTANT FLOW chiller/boiler pumps and secondary VARIABLE FLOW pumps for peak performance, reduced energy consumption, and less hardware wear and tear.

Balances itself

SelfSensing ProBalance™ pinpoints true system resistance without inducing false head, balancing internally and automatically! That means lower install costs, no errors in setpoint, and a simplified construction schedule. It's the fastest, most efficient way to balance a pump on the market.

Outstanding savings

The typical constant flow pump would run at 1750 rpm @ 60 hz. With SelfSensing ProBalance™, the same pump
would run at 1458 rpm @ 50 hz. This simple adjustment saves the bearings and seals 153 million cycles per year! You not only save energy, you increase pump life as well.

The ultimate in pump protection and
electrical safety

The SelfSensing Series also features automatic alerts with
optional shutdown for no-flow, dry-run, and end-of-curve
operation. That means the seal is safe should someone
forget to open a valve or to run the pump without water.
What's more, the unit is electronically
protected for overload and locked rotor
conditions per UL 778 and CSA C22.2 No.
108, so the motor is protected - a real
crowd pleaser for insurance companies.

The benefits of Constant Flow SelfSensing pumps

  • Balancing through reduced speed - not false head
  • Reduced speed increases equipment life
  • Auto-adjusts over the life and fouling of the system
  • Reduced balancing contractor expenses and hassles with SelfSensing ProBalance™

The benefits of Variable Flow SelfSensing pumps

  • Lower install cost—no sensors or wiring
  • No error in setpoint
  • Improved system efficiency and performance
  • Reduced coordination and construction schedule with SelfSensing ProBalance™