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"00"® Timer Aquastat

The Taco Analog 24 Hour Clock Timer/Temperature Aquastat combination is designed to cycle the circulator during peak demand periods. You can use the two devices in combination or separately.
When you use the Clock Timer/Temperature Aquastat together, the Timer switches ON, sending power to the unit. The Temperature Aquastat measures the temperature and cycles the circulator as long as the Timer is switched to the ON mode.

If used separately, the Analog 24 Hour Clock Timer operates the circulator during the chosen number of 15-minute intervals. When using only the Temperature Aquastat, the circulator cycles continuously to maintain a temperature between 95 F. and 115 F.

For maximum convenience and flexibility, you can retrofit both the Clock Timer and Temperature Aquastat to any Taco "00" Series Cartridge Circulator.

Features Include:

  • Clock Timer adjustable to 15-minute intervals within a 24-hour time frame.
  • User-friendly clock has an hour hand, raised minute hand for ease of adjustment, two directional arrows and AM/PM time settings.
  • Temperature Aquastat automatically switches the circulator ON at 95 F, OFF at 115F.
  • Clock Timer can be mounted in any direction, by just attaching it to the capacitor box electrical connection hole.
  • One Aquastat fits both 3/4" and 1/2" pipe applications--Snaps directly onto 3/4" pipe and, for 1/2" applications, snaps directly onto the discharge of the 1/2" bronze Circulator body.
  • Rugged construction--steel timer enclosure