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LEED Project Types

LEED rating systems have been developed or are in development for a broad range of building projects. These include:
  • LEED-NC for new construction and major renovations
  • LEED-EB for existing buildings
  • LEED-CI for commercial interior projects
  • LEED-CS for core and shell projects (to be released this year)
  • LEED-H for homes (scheduled for release in 2006)
  • LEED-ND for neighborhood development

Probably the two that are most relevant to HVAC designers, engineers and contractors are LEED-NC and LEED--EB

LEED-NC applies to high-performance commercial and institutional projects, with a focus on office buildings. However, the system has also been applied to schools, multi-unit residential buildings, manufacturing plants and other building types. There is also an application guide for applying LEED to low-rise lodgings such as hotels, apartment buildings and dormitories less than four stories high.

LEED-EB applies to existing buildings and addresses areas including whole-building cleaning and maintenance, ongoing indoor air quality, energy and water efficiency, recycling, exterior maintenance and systems upgrades to meet green building energy, water, indoor air quality and lighting performance standards.