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Taco, Inc. Low Lead Certification

NSF-372 Low-Lead Certified Products

00 Series - Bronze or Stainless Steel
D'Mand Systems - Hot Water Recirculation
110-120 Series - Bronze or Stainless Steel
2400 Series - Stainless Steel
1600 Series - Bronze
1900 Series - Bronze

CI/FI Series - Bronze Fitted
KS/KV Series - Bronze Fitted

Potable Water Zone Sentry® Zone Valve
5120 Series Mixing Valves

PRO-FIT Replacements parts for B&G, Armstrong
All Bracket Assemblies
All Seal Kits
All Gaskets
All RPK Series Replacement Pump Kits
All HPK Header Pump Kits

Freedom Flanges
All Stainless Steel

XPB- X-Pump Block
SXPB-Solar X-Pump Block

Heat Exchanger
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
(RLDWA) Effective January 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA)"?
The RLDWA is a 2011 amendment to the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Lead- Free", the RLDWA actually establishes a maximum acceptable amount of lead in every product installed in a potable, drinking water system. It stipulates that all products, valves, fittings, fixtures etc. installed in a potable drinking water system, shall contain no more than .25% lead by "weighted average". A fairly complicated mathematical formula is used to calculate the % lead content of each wetted surface component as a ratio of all wetted components in the entire product. The weighted average sum of all wetted components cannot exceed .25% lead. For a detailed explanation, see the link to the RLDWA law below. RLDWA goes into effect in January 2014.

S.3874 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (Link)

Question 2: What is Taco doing to comply with the 2014 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act?
Taco has been in full compliance with the new law since 2010, based on actions we took to meet the California Low-Lead Law AB1953, subsequently adopted by the States of Maryland and Vermont. Rather than try to calculate the wetted surface area of every component in every Taco product, we decided to redesign all products suitable for use in potable water, so no individual component exceeds .25% lead. We felt this was the best way to ensure full compliance across the board.

Product Labeling - Circulators, Pumps and Accessories

Since early 2010, all low-lead compliant Taco items have a "NSF ≤0.25% Pb" label applied to the product and its packaging, indicating we have been certified by NSF International to be in full compliance. You can be certain that any Taco item carrying this label is fully compliant with the upcoming Federal low-lead law. During 2013, this label will be updated to the new NSF/ANSI 372 mark, certifying low-lead compliance.

NSF/ANSI 372 Product and Service Listing (Link)

Product Labeling - WAGS Valve, Potable Water Zone Sentry® Zone Valve and 5100 Series Mixing Valve

The WAGS valve, Potable Water Zone Sentry® Zone Valve and the 5100 series mixing valve have full NSF-61-G listing, which certifies that it meets both the NSF-61 testing standard as well as the NSF-Annex G (now NSF-372) listing for the ≤0.25% low-lead requirement.

WAGS valve, Potable Water Zone Sentry Zone Valve NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G Listing: (Link)

Question 3: Does my current Taco inventory meet the 2014 RLDWA law and what does this mean for your inventory?

Any Taco product carrying the "NSF≤0.25% Pb" or the "NSF/ANSI 372" mark that is marketed and sold specifically for use in potable water applications is in full compliance with the Federal low-lead law. Any Taco product that is marketed and sold specifically for any non-potable applications is not affected by the Federal low-lead law and may still be sold for usage in non-potable applications. Should you have any inventory of non-compliant product for potable applications, it will not be able to be sold on or after January 4, 2014. It is to your advantage to plan and prepare your inventory levels now before the law is enacted. Taco will not issue credit, or accept returns for any un-used product that does not meet the RLDWA 2014 low lead requirement.