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FloPro Designer Software: A Must Have Tool webinar FloPro Team Leader John Barba is joined by our FloPro Designer answer man, Ra Puriri, for an introduction to the FloPro Designer hydronic design software. Ra walks you through all the basic functions of FloPro Designer, including how to draw a floor plan, how to add and edit windows and doors, how to customize window and door properties to your projects, how to add basements and second floors and how to generate professional-looking reports.
Tanks For The Memories webinar Expansion tanks and buffer tanks--one is always used, and the other one probably should be. In this webinar, Taco's top trainer John Barba takes you for an in-depth look into the sizing of expansion tanks, as well as the need, application and sizing of "buffer" tanks in residential hydronics systems. You'll learn the math behind sizing expansion tanks, how to read tank manufacturer's spec sheets, why so-called "buffer" tanks are important, why you may want to consider them standard equipment with any mod-con boiler installation, and how “buffer” tanks can reduce short-cycling, increase overall economy of operation and help your customer avoid premature failure of vital--and expensive--boiler components.
The Bumblebee: Out Of The Hive And Into Your Basements webinar Join Taco Head Trainer John Barba for a guided tour of Taco’s Bumble Bee High Efficiency Variable Speed Circulator.
Circulators And Indirect DHW Tanks: What To Use webinar Those sizing charts for indirect domestic hot water tanks can be confusing, and pairing the right tank with the right circulator can be more confusing still. Let Taco FloPro Team Leader John Barba clear up the confusion in this fast-paced, informative webinar. Learn how to get complete and accurate sizing information from those charts and how to the math that will tell you the "real" capacity of a tank. Then find out how to make that tank and all your other components--piping, the boiler, the circulator, even tempering valves--work together for an efficient system and a satisfied customer.
Five Easy Steps To Make Any Hydronic Heating System More Efficient webinar Learn five easy, relatively inexpensive things you can do to make hydronic heating systems more efficient and help customers cut their heating bills.
3-Speed Circulators: What's The Right Speed? webinar 3-speed circulators can be a versatile answer to the demands of many hydronic systems, when used correctly. Taco FloPro Team Leader John Barba explains what a 3-speed circulator can do for you, where to use them, how to size them, and the pitfalls that await the unwary.
High Tech Friends In Low Places webinar A lot of people are installing mod con boilers to improve system efficiency. But does it work? Sometimes, but not always. An existing hydronic system can't always take advantage of mod con boiler efficiencies. Luckily, there are several other ways to boost system efficiency, and they're less expensive than replacing the boiler.
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