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Latest News

ASHRAE and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have agreed to work together to increase building energy efficiency standards for the year 2010 by 30% over 2004 standards, ASHRAE has announced.

The agreement commits both organizations to improving the efficient use of energy, to the viable and widespread use of renewable energy sources, and to minimizing the impact of energy use on the environment, according to ASHRAE.

The commitment will be reflected in changes to Standard 90.1 in 2010, however any changes will continue to follow ASHRAE's standards development process which is based on achieving consensus. The energy savings will make up part of ASHRAE's goal to achieve market-viable, net-zero energy buildings by 2030.

The plan to achieve 30% energy savings in 2010 is based on an average for all building types and climate-weighted energy cost savings and may not be achieved for every building in every climate, ASHRAE explains. Elements of the plan include:

  • Estimates of energy savings improvement will be based on the total annual energy cost of the facility.
  • Energy savings will be estimated on an ongoing basis.
  • Calculation of improvements will be made in conjunction with technical resources provided by DOE.

For more information visit: www.ashrae.org/pressroom.

To model and compare energy costs of up to four HVAC systems at a time, please download the Taco System Analysis Tool.