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Analyze Energy Costs with Taco Online Tool

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Compare HVAC Systems Energy Costs With Taco System Analysis Tool

The latest software tool for HVAC pros at is the Taco System Analysis Tool, available for download here.

The tool enables you to model and compare the energy costs of up to four HVAC systems at one time. The easy-to-use, menu-driven program calculates energy costs based on NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) data for your area and a number of other parameters you enter into the program including, building dimensions, heat loss, heat gain, heating and cooling sources, energy sources and costs.

The Taco System Analysis Tool is the latest of several HVAC design tools for you to download at Click the link below for the software, manuals, instructional videos and other support materials.

The Taco Hydronic System Solution® (HSS) software

Taconet® Product Selection Software

Taco Analysis Tool

Featured Product: Taco Accu-Flo Balancing Valves

If you want four to five times greater balancing accuracy in your systems, try a Taco Accu-Flo Balancing Valve. The Accu-Flo utilizes a modified venturi design that is far superior to conventional valves with their variable orifice design that delivers poor balancing accuracy, high pressure drops, low regains and an inability to read low flows.

All brass interior parts, precision machining and 100% factory testing make sure the Accu-Flo delivers the quality and reliability you expect from Taco.

Click here for complete information on Taco-Accu Flo Balancing Valves.

HVAC Pros Askā€¦

Question: I read that the D'MAND® On-Demand Water Recirculation System (008DM) can be installed at the water heater on new construction projects. How does that work?

Answer: In order for the D'Mand® System to work in new construction, the piping would have to accommodate a recirculation line back to the hot water tank from the farthest fixture in the system. A remote switch turns on the pump when you want hot water at the point of use. If no recirculation piping is installed, you would have to install the D'Mand System with the plumbing kit at the point of use, usually the faucet farthest away from the hot water tank. The instruction sheet and piping diagram on the D'Mand System page of this website should be helpful.

Please check out our HVAC design tools and the wide variety of other support materials, product information and green building resources at While there, please let us know how the site performs (there's a handy feedback form on every product page) and what other help and information you would like us to add to We want to hear from you.

Thanks for your interest.