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Latest News

More than 11,000 U.S. companies now buy or generate their own "renewable" power, with that number growing by some 7% a year.

Now a business brief that helps companies consider their renewable power options in the U.S. is available from Business for Social Responsibility and GreenBiz.com.

The brief helps companies understand their renewable power options by answering four questions:

Where does my company's electricity come from? Do I want renewable energy If so, should I make or buy it? What form should I use?

Renewable power comes from sources that replenish naturally and are virtually inexhaustible in duration, according to the brief. It is typically associated with very low environmental impacts, including little or no greenhouse gas emissions. The power source is generally biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave action or tidal action, the brief states.

Recent developments are making renewable power more attractive, including the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Federal Renewable Production Tax Credit. States are developing Renewable Portfolio Standards while removing laws that once discouraged “unsightly” equipment, such as wind turbines. Renewable power is now seen as a way to address concerns about climate change and a means of saving money and creating new jobs, according to the document.

The Understanding Renewable Power Options business brief is available here and at greenbiz.com