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Tired of rising gas prices, Taco, Inc. CEO John Hazen White, Jr. opts for a Smart car.
Cranston, RI, July 16, 2008 - It's a sure sign that gas prices are affecting Americans when Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr. opts for a Smart car. Tired of rising gas prices and his Mercedes' mileage rating, White now commutes to and from work on most days in his new 2008 Smart fortwo, which gets between 38-41 mpg. on the highway.

A regular visitor to Europe, he spotted the Smart car several years ago on narrow Swiss streets and immediately wanted one; the only problem was that they weren't available in America back then. They are now, through Mercedes-Benz, but getting one involves a waiting list.

In addition to its zip and comfort (the 6 ft. 1" CEO credits its ample head and leg room), White also believes in the statement the Smart fortwo car makes. "We're a green company at Taco in our operations and product offerings like our energy efficient LoadMatch single pipe system, so a Smart car with its small carbon footprint is part of that effort," he says. He's got several more Smart cars on order for Taco, which the company will use for local and area business runs.