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Summer heat and humidity are putting seasonal demands on HVAC systems just about everywhere, so most of us can't kick back in the shade the way we might like to.

But even when the heat is on, is there to help. We've got more than 9,000 documents in the Taco File Library including product catalogs and specifications, instruction sheets, submittal data sheets, performance curves, instructional videos and design software.

And in all seasons of the year, the members of our professional Tech Support staff are always available to provide authoritative answers to your questions and the help you need to solve problems fast. Make the first place you look for assistance.

Case Study:
Taco LoadMatch® System Beats Caribbean Heat and Humidity

The HVAC system requirements were demanding for the new office building on the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. The system had to save on energy, include an advanced, locally-supportable building management system, operate quietly - noise levels from mechanical rooms and aid distribution systems under 29 dBA - meet precise indoor comfort conditions - 71.5 degrees F, +/- 50% rh and CO2 below 900 ppm - provide individual space controls through the building management system, and be green.

The most critical requirement was consuming as little energy as possible, since Curacao has one of the highest energy costs per kW in the world, $0.33 per kW.

The local engineering and installation firm of Omni B.V., met the challenge with an innovative HVAC system that includes the Taco LoadMatch® System along with components from other world class suppliers such as Daikin chillers from Belgium, Thermacore cold water pipe from the U.S. and Carrier modular air handlers from Brazil.

Having read about the Taco LoadMatch System Omni engineers were the complete case study.

HVAC Pros Ask...
Question: Do you have any data on putting two Model 009 Cartridge Circulators in series, or possibly combining the 009 Circulator in series with another circulator to boost head and flow rates?

If any pump is put in series with another pump, the heads are additive at the same flow. To increase the flow, the pumps have to be put in parallel. With pumps in parallel, the flows are additive at the same head. When pumps are put in series, install a nipple between 2 flanges. Bolt the discharge of one pump to one flange, and the suction of the other pump to the other flange.

See more information on Taco 00 Cartridge Circulators here.

See more information on the Model 009 Cartridge Circulator here. Make sure you visit often all year round for the latest HVAC industry news, quality Taco products and the support you need.

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