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Can Visiting Make You Smarter?

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Smarter? No. Better informed and a more capable HVAC professional? Yes and yes. For instance, now you can browse through more than 9,000 documents in the Taco File Library. We just added new documents on our LoadMatch® VT7300 Series Fan Coil Thermostats, LoadMatch® VT7600 Series Heat Pump Thermostats and 1400 Series High Capacity Circulators, for example.

The Taco File Library contains a wide variety of documents, including product catalogs, installation instructions, parts lists, submittal data sheets and wiring guides. Check it out.

Whiz Through Wiring Guide Selection
Speaking of wiring guides, have you tried the Taco Wiring Guide Wizard? It helps you find the wiring guide you need in a few simple steps. Using a drop-down menu:
  1. Select your application, such as a 1-zone low temperature or multi-zone installation.
  2. Select by priority—with priority, without priority, or with priority and boiler reset.
  3. Choose your zoning method, by zoning circulators or zone valves. You'll be presented with a choice of just those wiring guides that fit your job. Try it now.
HVAC Pros Ask...
Question: I want to install a hot water recirculation pump that could be conveniently turned on and off.

The Taco D'MAND® System would meet your needs. It is installed under the sink of the remote bathroom and is only started when you push a button. The pump in the D'MAND System pumps the water from the hot water line to the cold water line. It shuts off when a temperature sensor in the pump casing senses a 9-degree rise in temperature. There is a time delay which prevents the pump from starting again so the cold water line isn't heated. The D'MAND System only runs when required and you don't have to pipe a return line.

We try to answer all your questions at, and do it at any time of day or night. We're always available for product, application and technical support. Just ask.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith