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Latest News

A small but growing number of facility managers follow a "master plan" when implementing sustainability practices and try to create measurable goals for their programs, a new survey by the International Facility Management Assn. (IFMA) has found.

Some 17% of respondents have a master plan for implementing green concepts in their buildings, more than double the number in a similar survey in 2002, according to the survey.

Only 5% of respondents say they have not implemented any green strategies and do not plan to do so. Ninety-two percent say they are working to make their facilities more sustainable.

Facility managers have taken on a broad array of sustainability measures, several of interest to HVAC professionals. For instance, 54% of respondents say they have implemented water conservation measures and 24% say they've begun using alternative fuels and/or renewable energy.

Among their sustainable practices relating to energy use:
  • 74% have adjusted the operating hours of HVAC systems.
  • 65% have replace equipment with newer, more efficient equipment.
  • 63% have set back thermostats.
  • 19% have re-commissioned building systems.

Many facility managers report working toward LEED certification (from the USGBC) of some type:
  • 55% working toward LEED-EB.
  • 30% working toward LEED-NC.
  • 9% working toward LEED-CI.
  • 6% working toward LEED-CS.

The online survey was sent to 3,500 IFMA members worldwide. A total of 573 responded, of which 423 (74%) were from the U.S. Download the complete survey here.