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Latest News

January 27—Designers of systems for a community center, a school, an office building and a governmental building have been named the recipients of ASHRAE Technology Awards during the group's 2009 Winter Conference being held this week in Chicago.

The awards are given for incorporating elements of innovative building design in applying ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and indoor air quality.

"ASHRAE Technology Awards are awarded for innovative HVAC&R designs that provide superior energy, economic, air quality and environmental performance through application of new technologies, new design concepts or by applying existing technologies in unusual ways," said Bert Phillips, chair of the judging panel.

"Innovation involves risk for owners and designers, requiring designers to work outside their comfort zone. Through the Technology Awards, ASHRAE recognizes innovation that works, honors the innovators and shares their design concepts with the broader HVAC&R community," he added. The winning projects included:
  • 4200 St. Laurent Office Tower—Kenneth Sonmor, Ecovision Consulting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. First place in the existing commercial buildings category for retrofit of a 13-floor office tower.
  • Centre Communautaire de Mistissini—Laurier Nichols, P.E., Dessau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. First place in the new public assembly category.
  • George Washington Carver Elementary School—Thomas H. Durkin, P.E., Durkin and Villalta Partners Engineering, Indianapolis, Indiana. First place in the existing institutional buildings category, HVAC renovations.
  • Normand-Maurice Building—Jacques De Grace, Pageau Morel and Associates, Montreal, Quebec Canada. First place in the new institutional buildings category.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory Science and Technology Facility, Golden, Colorado—Eric Kirkland, P.E., Smithgroup, Phoenix, Ariz. Second place in the new institutional buildings category.

Click here for details of the winning projects.