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Taco Goes Green for Environment

Latest News > Green Building News

Cranston, RI, June 08, 2005 – Taco, Inc. has launched a Green Building marketing initiative. The "Taco Green" program is designed to position the hydronics equipment manufacturer in the forefront of "Green" awareness when it comes to specifying engineers, architects and contractors involved in designing and constructing Green buildings under the U.S. Green building Council's LEED design and build certification guidelines.

As part of its Taco Green program, the company has launched an advertising campaign in the HVAC trade press linking Taco to environmental considerations in efficient building design. Taco engineers and sales representatives certified by the USGBC are available to work directly with design engineers and architects. Taco is also in the process of developing two new software tools and a Green information portal on the company's new website that will provide a wealth of information on all things "Green" for the benefit of design-build professionals.

Taco's focus on the Green Building movement stems from the fact that it has a family of products that are eminently suited for use in Green Buildings, and which can gain USGBC certification points for their contribution to energy efficiency. Foremost among these products is the company's LoadMatch® single pipe system, which saves energy and materials over all-air systems and conventional two pipe hydronic systems.

LoadMatch requires less pipe and other materials because of its simple design, substitutes energy efficient circulators for control and balancing valves, and is estimated to save 30% of system life cycle costs. LoadMatch systems have been specified and installed in a wide variety of buildings across the U.S. and Canada during the past five years.

Other "Green" Taco products include variable speed drive pumps, which boost efficiency, as well as smart controls products to save energy.

Taco's commitment to the Green Building movement has even extended to the company's mission statement, which now includes an additional "Green" obligation to serve the environment by producing the best energy-saving products possible.

To access Taco's "Green" portal on its website, click on Taco Green Building leaf at

Taco, Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI, is leading developer and manufacturer of pumps, valves, tanks, controls and accessories for use in hydronic systems worldwide.