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Taco Design Suite Software New Updates

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Taco Design Suite Software New Updates

We have just completed new versions of two of our Design Suite components, the Taco Load Tool Version 1.3.5 and Taco Hydronic System Solutions Version 5.1.2. These versions are now on our website for download.

Now you can be sure you are using the latest version of Taco's System Design Suite of software with new time saving features. These versions also contain the new automatic-update feature. If you have Version 5.0 or higher of Taco Hydronic System Solutions you do not need to download the newer version, it will update automatically. If not, you will need to download the latest version as noted above.

The Taco Design Suite includes:

The Taco Load Tool
  • The Taco Load Tool is a quick and reliable way for you, the HVAC professional, to calculate heat gains/losses from buildings, model those buildings, and size HVAC systems accordingly.

    Convenient drop-down menus make it easy to select different construction assemblies, materials and other design parameters, and its fully interactive design immediately updates all results when any one parameter is changed.

The Taco System Analysis Tool
  • The Taco System Analysis Tool enables you to compare the energy and life cycle costs of up to four HVAC systems at one time. It provides a practical, quick and reliable tool for you to evaluate and compare various system and product design candidates early in the conceptual design phase, to save time and money, and complete projects more efficiently.

Taco Hydronic System Solution® Software
  • Taco Hydronic System Solution® Software uses dynamic, drag-and-drop technology to assist HVAC designers in the design of hydronic systems, the setting of system parameters and the scheduling of HVAC equipment. With Taco HSS software you can standardize designs, use pre-made schematics, eliminate mistakes and reduce errors.

Use any of the tools in the Taco Design Tools Suite to accomplish a wide variety of hydronic design tasks quickly, on line and in real time. Then download the results for immediate use in your projects. You won't find better tools to cut design time, improve your results and save money.

Update Your Taco Design Software Now
To be sure that you have the most current version of the Taco Design Suite Software use this link to download all Design Suite components and install them on your computer.

Thanks for your interest.

Greg Cunniff