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AB1953 Statement

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Effective January 1, 2010, the California Assembly Bill 1953 (AB1953) will require all potable water products to contain a weighted average of no more than .25% lead content. The legislation has been passed in the States of California (AB1953) and Vermont (S152).

Products that do not meet the criteria of the California and Vermont law cannot be sold or installed in these States. In order to be sold and installed all products affected must receive certification by an independent ANSI-approved, third-party testing organization.

All affected Taco products will be in compliance with AB1953 by January 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is AB1953?
AB1953 is a new California law, effective January 2010, mandating that any products installed in a potable water system used for human consumption, shall contain less than .25% lead, based on a weighted average calculation of all wetted surfaces.

Is California the only state pursuing this type of legislation?
No. Vermont has a similar bill (S152) mandating the same requirements and is effective the same date. Though not identified, other states are also considering low lead content legislation.

What is Taco doing to comply?
Taco is currently working with NSF as a third part testing agency to verify that all Taco bronze products intended for potable water use will be made to comply with AB1953 and will be labeled with a NSF sticker.

The Residential Division has decided to redesign all flanged or threaded bronze casings intended for potable water usage to a Stainless Steel design. All sweat connection bronze casings intended for potable water usage are changing to a new no-lead bronze alloy 87850 with virtually no lead content at all. In addition, we have changed the brass bearing supports inside the cartridge to a no-lead material. By doing so, all 00, 110 series and 2400 Series components will meet the <.25% limit. So no weighted average calculations will be necessary.

Commercial spec is 87500 and meets AB1953 and NSF. The Commercial Pump Division will be addressing all product lines that potentially could be used for potable water systems.

The Fall River product line will have one major product line, PAX Series potable water tank, which is sold for use in potable water systems. We are having the product tested by NSF in its current design as none of the wetted components exceed .25% lead content. If it passes, as we anticipate, no changes are required. If it fails we will address whatever the issue is but at this time we are not anticipating any issues. The internal bag, which is the largest component, is already NSF61 approved. We will also be using the same new low level bronze material in place of our current bronze cast heads and baffles on heat exchanger products when and if we are required to do so. Today these are not sold or marketed as potable water products.

Will Taco have both compliant and non-compliant products?
For the Residential Division, Taco will have compliant products only. There will not be a duplicate "non-compliant" product.

For the Commercial Division, Taco will ultimately have compliant products only. Other than California and Vermont, Commercial Pump will continue to use up inventories until all existing material is gone. However, all reps will have the ability to "special order" Commercial low lead products by contacting their customer service representative.

When will compliant products be available to order?
All affected Taco products will be available to ship by December 1, 2009 and thus will meet the AB1953 standards by January 1, 2010.

How will AB1953 compliant products be marked?
Taco will apply a NSF approved label to every bronze product and its carton. The label will read: NSF®<.25% Pb

In addition, we will have a certification letter from NSF stating that Taco circulators, pumps and related bronze products meet AB1953. We will have this certification posted on our Web site.

Can a list of affected SKUS be supplied?
The list will be available on the website.

What if I (Rep) or my distributor has existing product on the shelf and it does not have the NSF label, can it be sold into California or Vermont after January 1, 2010?
No. There is not a "Grand-father" clause. Product currently in distribution or in a rep warehouse must be sold through by December 31, 2009. It cannot be sold after January 1, 2010.

Will part numbers be changing?
Part numbers will not be changing for the residential or commercial division. Product will be differentiated by the labeling on the carton and the product.

Attachment AB1953 Compliance Schedule

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