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Taco Variable Speed Delta T Circulators

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At the AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, January 25-27, 2010 - Variable Speed Delta-T circulators by Taco combine a microprocessor-based variable speed differential controller with the reliability and convenience of Taco’s 00® cartridge circulators. Simply dial in the design delta-T of the system or zone (from 5 - 50°F). The circulator automatically adjusts its performance to match the system’s ideal BTU/hr output, while reducing fuel consumption 4-5% and eliminating velocity noise.

The all-in-one Taco 00 Delta-T Circulator (00-VDT) includes a snap-in PC board, LED status panel, plug-in low voltage wiring terminal for the two strap-on temperature sensors and an optional integral flow check. The 00-VDT is wired-in just like any other pump. Unlike a ΔP (differential pressure) pump that’s always on, always drawing power 24/7/365, a Taco Delta-T circulator shuts off when there is no call for heat. The 00-VDT is fuse-protected, UL approved and made in the USA.

When it comes to comfort, it’s all about supplying the right amount of BTUs to the right rooms at the right time. With a Taco 00-VDT circulator, the specific amount of heat delivered to the structure is optimized to match a building’s heating load regardless of how many zones are calling for heat, or as outdoor temperatures change.

Return water temperatures play a key role in optimizing the system efficiency and performance of both cast iron and modulating-condensing boilers. Water return temperatures and boiler cycling are optimized by controlling the Delta-T.

There’s no risk of over-sizing a 00-VDT circulator, even if actual installation varies from the original design. By maintaining a constant Delta-T, the 00-VDT circulator automatically varies the flow as needed to ensure optimal performance and heat transfer. The 00-VDT comes standard in 008, 0012 and 0013 cast iron and stainless steel versions.

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