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Latest News

February 9 — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) have joined forces to help states achieve the maximum, cost-effective energy efficiency improvements possible in offices, buldings, industries and homes by 2020, reports Greenbiz.com.

Formation of the State Energy Efficiency (SEE) Action Network was announded by the Obama administration earlier this month.

EPA and DOE will work with various organizations and stakeholders, including representatives of stes and local government, businesses, public utility commissioners and non-governmental organizations, to help states develop, fund and conduct energy efficiency programs. The SEE will convene for the first time next month.

SEE is intended to provide technical assistance to the states, as well as help with specific energy efficiency policy and program issues. In addition to SEE, the National Governors Association (NGA) is also trying to help states with energy efficiency programs. Last month, NGA selected six states—Colorado, Hawaii, Massachisetts, North Caroina, Utah and Wisconsin—to participate in its Policy Academy on State Building Efficiency Retrofit Programs.

"Most energy efficiency efforts have focused on new construction or the low-income sector only, often ignoring the substantial energy savings available by retrofitting existing buildings," said John Thomasian, NGA Center director. "This Policy Academy will help states realize energy savings across the board, through comprehensive building retrofits programs."