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Latest News

Cranston, RI, May 24, 2005 - Taco, Inc. has issued a data submittal brochure for its twin air elimination products – the VorTech® and 4900 Series air separators. The catalog brochure provides complete details on both products, along with a full-page of data submittal information.

The VorTech Air Separator was designed to provide an enhanced level of air removal from hydronic systems, using a factory installed Taco ¾” Hy-Vent that quickly and effectively separates and vents unwanted air.

The newer 4900 Series Air Separator was designed for the complete elimination of air from closed loop heating and cooling systems, and features a patented and proven method of removing gases from water: the PALL ring process technology from the Netherlands. PALL rings remove all micro-bubbles from 15-20 microns up; even the smallest micro-bubble present in water adheres to the surface of a PALL ring, thereby allowing coalescence to occur and complete air removal.

Both the VorTech and 4900 Series Air Separators are available in ¾” – 2” sizes. They require no minimum of pipe and have a convenient ½” tapping for easy installation of an expansion tank.

For more information on Taco’s air separation products, visit the company’s new website at www.taco-hvac.com or call 401.942.8000. To obtain a copy of the VorTech & 4900 Series Air Separators, click here