ANSI Approves First Commercial Building Green Rating System as National Standard

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April 12 The first green rating system for commercial buildings has been approved as a national standard by the .

The "Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings" was derived from the Green Globes environmental design and assessment rating system for New Construction and was formally approved on March 24, 2010.
The Green Globes system is managed by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), Portland, Ore.

The new standard takes a, "holistic approach to green building," according to GBI. It includes seven areas of assessment: Project Management, Site, Water, Energy, Emissions, Indoor Environment and Resources..

To gain experience with the new standard in a real-world setting, the GBI will now take the standard through a limited pilot program, utilizing the new protocol to assess and certify a limited number of commercial buildings. Applications for the pilot program will be accepted starting May 1st, with project evaluation criteria for pilot program approval spanning building size, principal use, and sustainability considerations.

Read the complete GBI news release here.