Warranty Change for all 00 Series Circulators

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Warranty Change for All
"00" Series Circulators

Effective May 25, 2010, Taco will offer a full, "flange-to-flange" three-year warranty on all "00" Series circulators. This warranty enhancement further demonstrates Taco's commitment to quality and performance.

The warranty change will be officially kicked off and communicated at the upcoming NAOHSM (National Association of Oil Heat Service Managers) show being held in Providence on May 25. A press release will be released that day.

Currently all literature, packaging, and other communication material reflecting the change in warranty language is being developed. Our expectation is that inventory manufactured in mid-June will contain the updated literature. We will not affect current inventory and will allow the over-riding communication of the three-year warranty to supersede all current literature.

As well, we will be producing material to be used at wholesalers for point of purchase communication. We expect that to be available in the July time frame.

Attached is the press release to be communicated on May 25, a picture of the new 3-year warranty seal and a PDF of the 5x7 warranty.

Todd Facey
Sr. Vice President, Residential Sales and Marketing

Attachment Press Release
Attachment Warranty Seal
Attachment Warranty 5 x 7