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What's Your Time Worth?

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What's Your Time Worth?

Taco's free design tools can help you do your job faster.
Taco's exclusive hydronic system design tools were created specifically to help HVAC engineers, designers, installers and contactors design their jobs faster, more efficiently, with fewer errors, better results and a greater return on their time.

All Taco design tools are free to HVAC pros. You can download most of them here. If you're already a member of the FloPro contractor development program, Download FloPro Designer software here. If not, contractors click here to join and download FloPro Designer.

The Taco Load Tool
With the Taco Load Tool, you can accomplish in a few minutes and mouse clicks what used to be a laborious and tedious task with pencil and paper. It is a fast, reliable, user-friendly way for HVAC pros to calculate heat gains and losses from buildings, model those buildings and size HVAC systems correctly.
  • Convenient, drop-down menus.
  • Evaluate hydronic system energy and life cycle costs.
  • Select, specify and apply construction assemblies, materials and Taco products.
  • Fully interactive design immediately updates all results; change any one parameter and all change.
Download the Taco Load Tool now.

Taco System Analysis Tool
We designed the System Analysis Tool so you can quickly compare different system configurations and product design candidates on the fly, early in the conceptual phase of the design process.
  • Compare energy and life cycle costs.
  • Compare up to four HVAC systems at one time.
  • System selection Wizard allows quick modeling of preconfigured systems.
  • Interactive tool eliminates recalculation time for changes.
  • Save time and money.
Download the Taco System Analysis Tool now.

Taco Hydronic System Solution® (HSS) Software
This collection of tools uses dynamic drag-and-drop technology to assist you in designing hydronic systems, setting system parameters and scheduling HVAC equipment, to dramatically cut design time. With Taco HSS software you can standardize designs, use pre-made schematics, eliminate mistakes and reduce errors.
  • Complete schematic system design.
  • Eliminate recalculation time for changes.
  • Calculate plant total loads and flows.
  • Size pipe and equipment.
  • Select and schedule equipment.
  • Model LoadMatch® systems in minutes with the LoadMatch Wizard.
Download Taco Hydronic System Solution Software now.

TacoNet® is our premier product selection and specification tool for Taco equipment. The easiest-to-use software of its kind in the industry, TacoNet enables you to save time and avoid errors on all your jobs.
  • Enter all data quickly from one screen.
  • Print submittals and schedules.
  • Save data.
Download TacoNet now.

FloPro Designer, for Residential System Design
With FloPro Designer software, HVAC, plumbing and heating contractors now have the same, high-powered design tools as their commercial counterparts. FloPro Designer is fast to learn, easy to use, and will give you the confidence to offer residential and light commercial customers a well-designed system and an accurate estimate.
  • Run accurate heat loss calculations.
  • Lay out boiler and piping schematics.
  • Size/select the correct equipment.
  • Automatically create bills of materials, schedule sheets, load summary and detailed reports.
Download FloPro Designer now or join the FloPro Team and download.

Remember, these Taco design tools plus a whole lot more are always available at When you need HVAC support, information and the latest industry news, visit

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Tim Smith