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One Week Left to Name Our Pump And Win a Smart Car

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One Week Left to Name Our Pump
And Win a Smart Car

You have until midnight (EDT) Wednesday June 30 to submit your name for our new high efficiency pump and be eligible to win a new Smart car.

This pump is very smart, and we want a smart name for it, too.

Our new pump combines the performance of the Taco 00-VDT Delta T Variable Speed Circulator with the electrical energy savings of an ECM (electronically commutated) motor. It's a winning combination that can't be beat for delivering occupant comfort and energy savings. In case of duplicates, we'll draw the winner from all qualified identical entries. If you don't enter, you can't win, so enter now.

Solar Energy and a Solar Quiz
On TacoHVAC Facebook Page

Solar energy is, well, a hot topic these days in the TacoHVAC Facebook community. The second annual Solar Day was celebrated on June 19 with events in a number of U.S. cities as well as in many countries around the world. We celebrated by posting a short quiz on solar energy. What do you know about the history of solar energy and its potential? Take the quiz and learn some fun facts you may not know.

There are two broad applications for solar energy—the generation of electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells and direct water heating. PV solar gets much of the headlines, but solar water heating is a simpler, more direct way of using the sun's energy for most households.

Taco has a growing family of solar water heating products to help home and small business owners put solar energy to practical use today. For example: These and all our solar water heating products are specifically designed to simplify assembly and installation of solar hot water systems that deliver reliable performance plus energy savings, while cutting green house gases.

For more information, download the Taco Solar Water Heating products catalog here.

Visit Taco for product and application support 24/7 at, and join the conversation in the TacoHVAC community on Facebook often.

Thanks for your interest.


Tim Smith