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Announcing The LOFlo™ System

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Announcing The LOFlo™ System

Radiant cooling and chilled beam systems have arrived and Taco is ready to capture significant new business with its award winning LOFlo™ System. The LOFlo System features an all-in-one injection pumping mixing unit called the LOFlo™ Mixing Block (LMB) which provides a new standard in energy efficiency and comfort.

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This single pipe system uses LoadMatch® circulators and the LMB to mix low temperature chilled water up to the desired temperature at the point of use (chilled ceilings, chilled beams, or radiant panels). It can also mix high temperature heating water down to the desired temperature at the point of use (radiant floors or chilled beams). In addition, the LMB can supply low temperature chilled water or high temperature heating water directly to a terminal unit (fan coil, DOAS air handling unit, etc.)

The LMB consists of a variable speed injection circulator, a constant speed (or variable speed) zone circulator, and common bridge piping. It has only four piping connections, greatly reducing installation time and space needed.

Use of the LOFlo™ System eliminates piping and redundant components. As an example, the system can supply both low chilled water temperature DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system), fan coil units and high chilled water temperature chilled beams from a single pipe. This often reduces two piping systems using four pipes to just one pipe, a significant savings in piping and first cost.

The LOFlo™ System also significantly reduces waste and overall energy usage (one-third of an HVAC system's total energy consumption), and lowers first costs. The LMB does this by providing precise control of supply water to the terminal (e.g., chilled beam) and precise control of room temperatures.

Taco's LOFlo™ System represents "thinking outside the box" at its best. We expect that building owners and engineers are increasingly going to select it as the delivery system of choice as they opt for radiant cooling and chilled beam systems over standard central air systems in the months and years ahead.

Of course, our free suite of design software, which includes the Taco Load Tool, System Analysis Tool and Hydronic System Solution software, will make design and implementation of the Taco LOFlo™ System easy and worry free.

Catalog, Specification, Submittal Data Sheet, Instruction Sheet, and related articles are now available at

Price Sheet (303-177 LOFlo Mixing Block) is now available on

Lead Time: 8 Weeks

Gene Fina
Product Manager
Commercial Pump Division
Taco, Inc.