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Taco Update: New Product News and Views from Taco

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New LOFlo™ System Reduces Waste,
Saves Energy In Radiant Cooling and Chilled Beam Systems

We're proud to introduce our new LOFlo™ System for radiant cooling and chilled beam systems.

It's the system of choice for building owners and engineers as the alternative to standard central air systems. The new LOFlo System brings to cooling applications the same combination of efficiency, effectiveness, cost and energy savings as the Taco LoadMatch® Systems brings to heating applications.

Read and download the article, "Chilled Beams Get A Warm Reception," by Greg Cunniff, P.E., Taco Manager of Application Engineering, in the recent PM Engineer.

The LOFlo System features an all-in-one injection pumping/mixing unit called the LOFlo Mixing Block (LMB)—consisting of a variable speed injection circulator, a constant or variable speed zone circulator and common bridge piping—which provides a new standard in energy efficiency and comfort.

Taco's new single pipe LOFlo System:

  • Uses LoadMatch circulators and the LMB to mix low temperature chilled water up to the desired temperature at the point of use—chilled ceilings, chilled beams or radiant panels.
  • Can mix high temperature heating water down to desired temperature at the point of use—radiant floors or chilled beams.
  • LMB can supply low temperature chilled water or high temperature heating water directly to a terminal unit—fan coil, DOAS air handling unit, etc.
  • Eliminates piping and redundant components.
  • Reduces waste and overall energy usage.

See a video introduction to the Taco LOFlo System.

See a video introduction to radiant cooling and chilled beams.

Click here for more information on the Taco LOFlo System.
See our library of radiant cooling articles.

'Made in U.S.' Still Makes Financial Sense: Taco President/CEO John Hazen White, Jr.

U.S. companies that exported jobs to cheap labor in the last few decades might have gained, "bottom line advantages at first," says Taco President & CEO John Hazen White, Jr., in a recent Providence Journal op-ed piece.

But to keep jobs here and hone the manufacturing process to a finer edge, as Taco did, was the better long range decision, he adds.

"Long ago we made a commitment to our employees to stay where we began and to improve our manufacturing process so that we could manufacture competitively right here at home," Mr. White explains." We accomplished that and we continue to work on perfecting it."

Overseas wages rose, as did commodity prices and transportation costs, quality control was arguably more difficult, and the manufacturers that opted for outsourcing saw their advantages slipping away.

Meanwhile Taco built a robust international business, while remaining firmly focused on the needs of the domestic market.

"In return we hope, 'Made in America,' means something important to [our domestic customers], too. Because when all is said and done, we are all in this together," manufacturers, their employees, suppliers and customers, Mr. White says. "We want them [our customers] to prosper using our products, services and support, and in doing so to build a secure future for themselves," he adds.

Read the full text of John Hazen White's op-ed article.

And please keep in mind that you can always stay up to date on Taco new products, get the technical support, documentation and news you want at We hope you'll join us there soon.

Thanks in advance.

Tim Smith