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Building and company owners and managers can take immediate, simple steps to make their operations more environmentally and socially responsible while reducing costs, advises the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments, a building industry group.

Conserve Energy
  • Replace old lighting systems with energy efficient systems
  • Install building automation systems
  • Tighten your building's envelope to reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.
Conserve Water
  • Replace standard fixtures with water efficient fixtures
  • Institute a green cleaning program
Minimize VOC's
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and be major contributors to poor indoor air quality and sick buildings, Evaluate building materials, furnishings and office equipment based on their VOC emissions. Pay special attention when moving to a new facility or when renovating.
  • In the U.S., 57% of all waste is from non-residential buildings, says the Alliance. But as much as 75% of construction and demolition waste is recyclable. Expand recycling programs well beyond the usual bottles, cans and paper. Recycle carpeting, building materials, steel, wood, bricks, packaging and the like.
Green Your Supply Chain
  • Make purchases based not only on your needs, but on their impact on the environment and on the community.
  • Evaluate vendors and suppliers on the same basis.
For more information on green building solutions, recycling, energy savings calculators and more, visit www.greenerfacilities.org.