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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Bumblebee Pump Contest Winner Receives His Bumblebee Car

Mario-Luc Ranger, winner of our recent name the pump contest, received the keys to his new yellow-and-black Smart car from Taco President and CEO John Hazen White Jr. a few days ago in Orlando, Florida.

Mario surprised us all by coming to the ceremony dressed for the occasion, in a full-body bumblebee costume. (See more photos on the Taco Facebook page and see video of the event on You Tube.)

Mario is a control technician at the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando. He was one of 50 contestants among some 2,800 entries, to submit the Bumblebee name for our new pump. The "Bumblebee" combines the performance of our 00-VDT Delta T Variable Speed Pump with the electrical energy savings of an ECM (electronically commutated) motor. Mario became the contest winner when his name was selected by random drawing in July.

The Bumblebee pump is the latest in the growing family of Taco products designed and engineered to save energy, save water and save money in all applications, residential and commercial, by reducing operating costs.

You can see many more Taco energy saving products at

Congratulations again to Mario. With Mario's bumblebee suit, the yellow-and-black Smart car and our Bumblebee pump, the presentation was a pretty colorful event.

Featured Product:
LTR Series Low Water Cutoff

Taco's LTR Series Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) builds on the efficiency and reliability of Taco's commercial LWCO, incorporating its advanced signal processing technology in a one-piece, sealed design that includes a test button, a plug n' play wiring harness and instant feedback maintenance LED lights.

The result is an LWCO specifically-designed to meet the needs of boiler installers and service techs. It provides enhanced installation, operation and service in a smaller, self-contained unit that is ideally suited for all residential and light commercial applications.

The LTR Series'—L for low water cut-off, T for testable and R for residential model—features include:
  • Test button that quickly verifies that the control is installed and wired correctly.
  • Two LED lights—a green-to-red LED to indicate when the water level in the boiler is low, and an amber LED to indicate when the unit's probe needs cleaning, eliminating the need for annual maintenance and cleaning.
  • Probe with extend impedance sensitivity up to 40K Ohms.
  • Compatible with gas and oil-fired residential burners as well as smaller high-efficiency boilers.

The LTR Series Low Water Cutoff is ideal for use by residential boiler installers, especially in states that now require use of an LWCO with all boilers.

Get more information on the Taco LTR Series Low Water Cutoff.

Recent Additions to the Taco Document Library
The Taco Document Library continues to grow, with more product data and a wide variety of technical and application support materials. Some of the latest additions include:


You'll find these and plenty more at Be sure to visit soon and often.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith