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New Advantage Variable Speed Drives at

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New: Advantage Variable Speed Drives at

Thanks to a recent collaboration between Taco and Schneider Electric, a new line of variable speed drives is now available at

These drives bring together Taco's proven pumping technology, Schneider Variable Frequency Drives and the drive packaging of Square D enclosures to provide advanced, user-friendly devices that add up to the industry's best overall pumping solution.

By matching these drives to the optimal output of your equipment you will improve up-time, reduce energy costs and increase your overall productivity.

Take a look at the S-Flex™ enclosed drive, for example. Available as a stock product from Taco, it was designed with input from HVAC consultants and contractors specifically to provide the most effective solution with the quickest payback in commercial pump applications.

The S-Flex features the Advantage 21 variable frequency drive coupled with your choice of 1 hp to 40 hp motor in 200V/230V, or 1 hp to 100 hp motor in 460V, plus bypasses and disconnects.

Throughout the line, Advantage drives feature:
  • Optimal reactions times.
  • Complete scalability to match your application requirements for speed, size and protection.
  • The flexibility and performance to meet the needs of a broad range of pumping applications.
  • Reduced energy costs and improved up-time with simplified installation, configuring and maintenance.
  • Advanced diagnostics.
  • Industry-leading voltage ride through capability.
  • Seismic-qualified products.
  • Both open drives and enclosed drives available

Get complete information on Taco's new line of Advantage Variable Speed Drives.

How Does a New Boiler Rate as an Investment?
Homeowners often want to know what "payback" or return on investment they'll get from a new boiler. Well, in addition to a warm home and plenty of hot water, what can they expect? And what should they expect?

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John's answers may surprise you. They're sure to entertain you and make you think. Read "Oil, Wind & Fire" on Barba's FloPro blog now, then let him know what you think.

HVAC Pros Ask...
Question: How to I correctly mount a Taco "00" Series Cartridge Circulator?

Answer: When we speak of mounting, we are referring to the motor or motor shaft part of the pump. This motor part should be in a horizontal position (parallel with the floor), with the capacitor box on top or either side but never under the motor. You can mount the motor in a vertical position (with the end of the motor facing up to the ceiling), as long as you have more than 20 psi in your system.

Download the basic instruction sheet for Taco "00" Cartridge Circulators.

Get all the support and information you need at We're there 24/7 with the complete Taco Document library, an entire family of Wizards to make your job easier, and a lot more. And be sure to visit Taco on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith