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PDF of the case study.

Taco's LoadMatch® System helps make the KPMG Building on the island of Curacao energy efficient and comfortable.

Project Snapshot: Henk Soeterboek, former engineering director for Omni B.V., a local mechanical engineering and installation firm in Willemstad on the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, believes he has designed the most energy efficient new building on the island - the KPMG building. A recent analysis by KPMG revealed that the company's energy use is no more for the new, 30% larger building equipped with a Taco LoadMatch system than it was for their previous, smaller building.

An Innovative HVAC System
Completed in 2007, the three-story KPMG office building is kept cool by an HVAC system Soeterboek designed which includes a Taco LoadMatch single pipe system. "It's super comfortable," says Soeterboek of the building, despite the island's tropical high humidity climate. In addition to LoadMatch from the U.S., the building's internationally-supplied HVAC system includes Daikin chillers (Belgium), Solid Air distribution supply grills (The Netherlands), Thermocore cold water pipe (U.S.), Carrier modular air handlers (Brazil), and ASI Controls for the building management system (U.S).

In keeping with KPMG's global presence (offices in 148 countries) Omni B.V. decided to specify the best equipment available from world class suppliers located in different countries.

Main components used were:
  • Daikin chillers from Belgium
  • Helpman condensers from the Netherlands
  • Carrier modular air handlers from Brazil
  • ASI Controls for the BMS system from the U.S.
  • Solid Air distribution supply grills from The Netherlands
  • Thermacore cold water pipe from the U.S.
  • Taco LoadMatch system from the U.S.

 Click here for a
PDF of the case study.