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Taco Update: New Low Lead Mixing Valve

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Featured Product:
New 5120 Series Low Lead Mixing Valve

The new, Low Lead model of Taco's 5120 Series Mixing Valve is manufactured to meet code requirements for exclusively using low lead products in potable water applications. Such regulations were recently passed in California and Vermont and are being considered in a number of other states.

Like the original 5000 Series Mixing Valve, the new Low Lead version is designed for use at the water heater to distribute controlled water temperatures to the domestic hot water system. It allows for domestic hot water storage at temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria and that still can be delivered at a safe 120° F. or less.

The high flow, low head loss characteristics of the NSF 61-certified 5120 Series Mixing Valve make it ideal for use in the distribution of water through a domestic hot water system. The valve's unique design and advanced thermostatic element ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the valves adjustable range. Features of the Low Lead 5120 Series Valve include:
  • NSF 61-Certified
  • Available sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • High Flow
  • Snap-on Protective Cover
  • No Routine Maintenance Required

Get complete information on the Low Lead 5120 Series Mixing Valve.

Download the 5120 Series product catalog.

Dan Holohan Featured in New Podcast

John Barba, Taco training manager, talks with Dan Holohan, industry writer, speaker and host of, "The Wall," at about the challenges and opportunities of the 2011 heating season and beyond, in the first of a series of four new podcasts available in the FloPro section at

The podcast is available for listening on-line or downloading. A written transcript of the program is also available.

The new series is part of a growing library of podcasts available to members of the FloPro Team, Taco's residential contractor development and training program. Membership is free and open to all residential plumbing and heating installers. Learn more about the FloPro Team and join here.

HVAC Pros Ask...
Question: What is the correct air charge pressure for my captive Air Expansion Tank?

Answer: The air charge pressure should be equal to either the system fill pressure or the Pressure Reducing Valve setting if the tank is at the same elevation as the Pressure Reducing Valve. If the tank is located at any other elevation in the system, the charge pressure in the tank should be the cold pressure of the system at that elevation.

Get complete information on Taco Expansion Tanks.

Get complete information on Taco Cartridge Style Pressure Reducing Valves.

Get complete information on Taco pressure and mixing valves and other hydronic accessories.

Remember, is the website to visit for complete application and technical support and Taco product information. Our family of website Wizards help you choose the right pump and find documents, wiring diagrams, CAD files and Pro-Fit parts with just a few mouse clicks. I hope you'll get to know them soon.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith