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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Featured Product:
00 Variable Speed Outdoor Reset Circulator

Taco's Variable Speed Outdoor Reset Circulator (00-VR) is a simple and effective way to boost system efficiency, improve occupant comfort, save energy and fuel costs of hydronic heating systems.

In order to properly control a hot water heating system, the heat supplied to the building must equal the heat lost by the building. The 00-VR accomplishes this by modulating its speed to inject hot water from the boiler loop into the radiant or reduced temperature loop while providing outdoor reset to the system.

The 00-VR features a microprocessor-based control and pump in one convenient package. With plug-in low voltage wiring terminal and snap-in PC board, it's fast and easy to wire. Available in any style 00 circulator, from 003 to 0014, the 00-VR is the ultimate for protection, control, ease of installation, and trouble-free operation.

Features include:
  • LED Status Panel.
  • Pump Exercise (10 Seconds After 3 Days of No Operation).
  • Post Purge (20 Seconds).
  • Fail Safe Mode (Assumes Outdoor Temp of 32°F).
  • 2-Second Start Delay Prevents Short Cycling.
  • Optional Integral Flow Check.

Get complete information on the Outdoor Reset Circulator.

Practical Training Plus a Chance to Win:
Attending a Barba Webinar Pays Two Ways

Two contractors who attended John Barba's recent webinar on, "Domestic Hot Water Recirculation," have been chosen by random drawing to receive a Taco Hot-Link® Recirculation System.

The winners were:
  • Derek Lee of Lee Plumbing & Heating, Thief River Falls, MN
  • Bart Vanaria of Vanaria Plumbing, Braintree, MA

Both winners are active members of the FloPro Team and frequent visitors to the FloPro Neighborhood.

"Domestic Hot Water Recirculation," was the latest in a series of informal webinars John Barba conducts regularly. The next webinar is tentatively scheduled for December 13, 14 & 15. The topic hasn't been announced yet.

The webinars last about one hour and are repeated on consecutive days to give as many FloPro contractors as possible the opportunity to attend. Following the live presentations, all the webinars are archived and available for viewing and download on the videos page in the FloPro Neighborhood.

"The webinars are a great way for busy contractors to pick up useful information without having to leave the office. All they have to do is log in on their computer," says Barba.

"We schedule them at convenient times, either around lunch time or quitting time, depending on your time zone, and we try to provide useful, practical information that can be used on the jobsite the very next day," he adds.

"Our goal is provide useful, helpful information – not info-mercials – that can be put to use right away, and provide our customers with an hour well spent."

It's easy to register and attend any of the webinars. There is a registration link in the FloPro Neighborhood, usually on the home page. Barba also sends an email notice to FloPro Team members who have joined the Neighborhood.

Previous webinars have covered:
  • 5 Easy Steps to Make Hydronic Systems More Efficient.
  • The Fine Art of Combustion Analysis.

Join the FloPro Neighborhood to see all of these, and for much more. Learn more about the FloPro Team and/or join here.

Team members, learn more about the Neighborhood and register here.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith