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Latest News

Cranston, RI, December 6, 2005 – Taco, Inc. has announced a restructuring of its Sales and Marketing Department. The company has decided to form two separate divisions, based on its major product markets – commercial and residential.

The residential and commercial markets have always had a different customer, distribution and support base, and as products and competitive pressures have advanced in each market, separation of the two markets will allow Taco to better focus on each as distinctive audiences.

Heading up Commercial Sales and Marketing will be Tom Lawrence, Senior Vice President. Heading up Residential Sales and Marketing will be Senior Vice President Bob Coons, who will continue to also have responsibility for Taco Canada.

Lawrence has been with Taco since 1964 and has served in various sales positions over the years. Coons, who joined Taco in 2004, had been with Burnham Hydronics since 1991 and had served as president of Burnham Commercial prior to joining Taco.

Lawrence and Coons will report to Robert Flynn, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. Bill Herhold, Vice President of OEM Sales, will report directly to company president and CEO John Hazen White, Jr.

In business since 1920, Taco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, tanks, heat exchangers, smart controls and accessories for use in residential, commercial and industrial hydronic applications worldwide. The company employs a workforce of 500 in Cranston, RI, Fall River, MA and Ontario, Canada.