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At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 -Taco’s new e-smart tag identifies their most resource-saving technology, easily matching their advance products with installation tasks-at-hand.  With everyone looking for new ways to save energy, reduce water use, maximize system efficiency and conserve fuel, the e-smart tag gives installers a way to quickly find the most energy-efficient and resourceful products.

Customers will feel better, too, knowing that they're doing their part to conserve. Be sure to mention e-smart to them every time you install.

Two examples of e-smart product lines include Taco’s D’Mand System – a recirculating system that works together with tankless water heaters to provide hot water at any fixture only when required, saving water, energy and money.

Also, Taco’s family of solar pumping products and technology is an ideal fit for a wide variety of solar thermal applications. Easy to install, Taco’s innovative, variable speed solar pumps, all-in-one pumping stations and controls deliver unmatched reliability and performance.

Taco recognizes that Earth's resources are finite, so they've focused on developing superior hydronic and hot water recirculation solutions that save materials, water, energy, time, and money. The e-smart tag helps contractors and homeowners easily identify those products that make a resource-saving difference.

  About Taco
Taco, Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI, is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment, systems and accessories for hydronic-based applications in residential, commercial and institutional buildings worldwide.