GSA Launches Online Sustainable Facilities Tool

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February 10 — An online Sustainable Facilities Tool designed to make it easier for developers and property owners to learn about and evaulate strategies for making their workplaces more sustainable has been launched by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

The tool serves as a gateway to a variety of information on many aspects of sustainability, ranging from a definition of the concept to checklists, interactive drawings and tools to plan evaluate and implement sustainable design and building elements.

For example, the Learn section of the tool offers specific material on sustainability as it apples to materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, water efficiency and indoor environment quality (IEQ). In the IEQ section material is available on topics such as acoutics, adhesives, air delivery monitoring, energy performance, ergonomics and many other related topics.

The Planning section offers links to research, regulations and guidelines, government publications, etc. The Implement section offers an interactive form to help users add sustainable elements to their project and track those projects during implementation.

Click here to use the GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool.