House Proposes Deep Cuts to Clean Energy Spending

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February 17 — The House Appropriations Committee wants to cut some $900 million of the spending on clean energy proposed by President Obama in the 2011 budget unveiled earlier this week, reports The Street financial news website.

The proposed cuts would reduce clean energy spending by some $200 million versus the 2010 budget, The Street states.

"When compared to either the fiscal 2010 budget or fiscal 2011 budget, the steep cuts being requested by Congress highlight the debate over clean energy spending by the federal government at a time of increased focus on the federal deficit," says The Street.

The Presidentís budget calls for $2.36 billion for "energy efficiency and renewable energy." The Congressional cuts would amount to more than one-third of the total.

The White House budget proposal is just 1.6% more than what President Bush requested for clean energy spending in his last budget, reports The Street.

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