LA Retains Top Spot on List of Cities with Energy Star Buildings

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March 18 — Los Angeles heads the 2010 EPA list of cities with the most Energy Star-rated buildings, remaining in the top spot since the list was started in 2008.

Los Angeles has 510 Energy Star-labeled buildings with total floor space of more than 106 million square feet. Washington, DC, remained in second place for the third consecutive year with 301 Energy Star buildings and more than 75 million sq. ft. of floor space.

Rounding out the top ten are:
Energy Star
Floor space
(Million esq.)
3. San Francisco 248 61.4 3
4. Chicago 232 92.9 5
5. New York 211 76.4 10
6. Atlanta 201 51.6 9
7. Houston 175 70.8 6
8. Sacramento 168 16.9 16
9. Detroit 151 27.4 15
10. Dallas — Ft. Worth 148 40.6 8

"A closer look at these annual rankings highlights the exponential growth in 2010 compared to the prior two years," said EPA. "In fact, in 2008, only two of the cities in the top 10 had more than 150 certified buldings. Now, nine of the top 10 cities have more than 150 buildings and Dallas is just two buildings short of that number."

This list offers interesting comparisons to the list of LEED certified green buildings, compiled by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). That list ranked states by per capita square feet of LEED certified space.

The District of Columbia topped the USGBC list, however, Los Angeles failed to make the top ten. Most states on the USGBC per capita-list—Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oregon, and five more—have no cities on the Energy Star list.

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