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From the August 2010 issue of PME.
by Greg Cunniff, P.E.

Buildings in Chicago and Toronto benefit from this straightforward technology.

Tracing radiant technology’s genealogy, a new member of the family recently entered our consciousness: chilled beam radiant cooling. With chilled beam systems, chilled water circulates through tubing embedded in a metal ceiling fixture to wick away heat. What makes this technology so interesting is its broad applicability for commercial structures and extreme energy and thermal efficiency. A key advantage is that a chilled beam system requires very little ceiling space and height, or, in the parlance of commercial architects and designers, it conserves interior real estate.

Another key advantage, functionally and financially, is that water — the main transporter of thermal energy and much denser than air — permits a very high energycarrying capacity and a smaller transport system: pipes. A forced-air system is, by its very nature, greatly less efficient because of the inherently low density of air and requires large ducts to transport Btu...MORE

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