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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Taco Advanced Hydronics: Social Media That's Worth Your Time

A lot of professionals think social media like Facebook, Twitter and the countless blogs online are a waste of time.

In most cases, they're right. But not this time.

Taco Advanced Hydronics on Facebook and the Taco Advanced Hydronics blog are for commercial hydronics professionals by fellow professionals who want to interact with their colleagues to share, learn and grow.
  • Comfort system engineers
  • Design-build contractors
  • Facility managers
  • Building owners

On the Taco Advanced Hydronics Facebook page, you'll meet a growing community engaged in a lively conversation about every aspect of the design and installation of commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems, the technology, its application, current challenges and future opportunities.

Join our community and make it your own. Follow industry developments, stay abreast of technical trends, stay in touch with associates and make new professional contacts. Broaden your horizons in the commercial hydronics community and make your voice heard on the Taco Advanced Hydronics Facebook page.

"Like" What You See, and an iPad Could Be Yours
Join the Taco Advanced Hydronics Facebook community and "like" us with a thumbs up to be eligible to enter the promotion to win an iPad. We are drawing a winner at random with each 200 additional registrants up to the first 1,000 people to register.

Join and give us a "thumbs up" now to have the most chances to win. Your name stays in the entry pool for all future drawings, so 'like' the Taco Advanced Hydronics Facebook page now to turn your 'like' into a new iPad you'll love.

Click here to see the full promotion rules, then help us build the Taco Advanced Hydronics Facebook community together.

Considered Opinions, Lively Debate
The Taco Advanced Hydronics blog is where you'll find news and views that put you right in the middle of some of the hottest (and coolest) issues in commercial hydronics today.

Like the recent post, "Hydronics = Fluid Comfort." Why haven't more HVAC engineers embraced the energy efficiency and superior comfort of hydronic systems versus air? Read this provocative article, then tell the community what you think.

Or this recent post, "Lowering Peak Power in Radiant-Cooling Systems." Is injection pumping the answer to bring the peak power demand of radiant-cooling systems in line with that of conventional systems? Greg Cunniff, Taco Applications Engineering Manager, thinks so. Read the article, then tell us what you think.

Or this take on, "Water Vs. Air: Dehumidification Issues." Chilled water systems provide much better dehumidification, says the author. But what's your opinion? Read the post, then tell the community.
  • Water versus air
  • The challenges of green building
  • Achieving greater energy efficiency
  • The efficient, and increasing, use of chilled beam cooling

These and many other topics are the mainstay of the Taco Advanced Hydronics Blog. Get into the discussion. Join the debate. Tell the community what's on your mind.