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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Celebrate Earth Day, April 22, with Taco

Friday marks the 41st anniversary of the first Earth Day celebration. It took place in New York and Philadelphia as an "environmental teach in," very much a '70's style event. Today Earth Day is an international event celebrated by millions all around the world.

Earth Day is a good time to think about how far we've come. Companies like Taco now recognize "sustainability" as a core value of the enterprise. A concern to use natural resources wisely, to reduce our carbon footprint and leave the Earth intact for future generations informs our products, our business practices and our personal lives. We celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but we think of the Earth and our impact on it every day.

12 Tips for Greener Living Right Now
We asked visitors to the Taco Facebook page and members of our FloPro team of residential installers for suggestions about what we all can do right now to use less energy, use less water and live a greener lifestyle.

They had a lot of great suggestions and we've compiled the best of the best in a little "tip sheet" you can download from the Taco website. These suggestions aren't an end, but they make a great beginning. They're easy, free, or inexpensive to do, and you can start doing them today.

We hope you'll find our, "12 Tips to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," helpful. Have you already taken these steps? What else can we do to live a more sustainable, Earth-friendly life? Share your thoughts with the entire Taco community on Facebook.

Learn About 'Sustainability' at Taco on You Tube
We take sustainable products, operations and business practices seriously at Taco. We're proud to say we don't just "talk the talk," we "walk the walk."

Learn just how we do it from a series of Taco videos on You Tube. In these brief videos, see and hear:

  • Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr., on Taco's new products engineered to increase overall HVAC system efficiency, reduce energy use and increase comfort.
  • Chris Integlia, Taco executive vice president, in a series of videos on the deeply ingrained culture of sustainability at Taco.
  • John Barba, FloPro Team leader, with tips for homeowners on how to make their hydronic heating systems more efficient and save money in the bargain.

Enjoy these and many more Taco videos on You Tube now, or any time.

Taco e-Smart Products
Taco products that carry the e-smart tag represent the broad spectrum of our product lines, commercial and residential, from pumps to electronic controls.

No matter what category of product, they're all designed and built to improve overall HVAC system efficiency and conserve fuel while delivering maximum comfort.

Recognizing that the Earth's resources are finite, we set our sights on developing superior hydronic solutions that save resources, energy, time and money. The growing family of e-smart products is one outstanding result. Learn more about Taco e-smart products here.

Barba's FloPro Blog: Remembering the First Earth Day
In the latest post over at John Barba's FloPro blog he shares his recollections of the first Earth Day. John was just a kid, so his mind was on Bit-O-Honey candy bars instead of hydronics, it turns out. Never the less, he remembers that first Earth Day message and shares his thoughts on what it meant then, and what it means now. Visit Barba's FloPro blog.

We hope you'll celebrate Earth Day and every day with a visit to the Taco website, I hope to see you there soon.

Thanks for your interest,

Tim Smith