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Celebrate Solar Day with Taco

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Celebrate Solar Day with Taco

SolarDay is a national and international day of recognition of solar energy, clean technology, energy independence, sustainability and protection of the planet, say the organizers.

It's a great time for each of us to think about how we use energy and how we can use less of it to lighten our impact on the Earth.

Cities and towns across the U.S. and around the world will host a broad variety of events to celebrate. Here's a partial list of events. Check the web and your local media to find out what is happening in your area.

Solar Day on Facebook
Join the conversation about solar energy already underway on the Taco Facebook page. Tell us what you think about the state of solar energy today and tomorrow.

10 Tips to Cool Your Home
There are dozens of ways you can save energy and keep your home cooler this summer. Many are free, more are inexpensive, and all can make a difference in your family's comfort this season. View and download "10 Tips" here.

Keep Your Cool at Work, Too
Your workplace gives you still more chances to save energy while fighting summer heat. In fact, there may be more opportunities because of the wide range of power-consuming, heat-producing activities in many businesses. Want to know how? Download, "10 Tips to Cool Your Office."

Taco Solar Products
Taco has a growing family of innovative and effective products specifically for solar applications. Like the Taco Pumping Station and the Solar X-Pump Block. Taco solar products make popular solar jobs, like solar water heating for homes and small businesses, more practical, more convenient and faster to install. Download the Taco Solar Water Heating brochure.

What's John Barba Thinking?
What's John Barba thinking? John, Taco head trainer and leader of the FloPro Team residential contractor development program, is a frequent blogger who always has his own, unique take on things. He's been talking to contractors about their solar energy experiences. He shares them here, on Barba's FloPro Blog.

Remember to visit Taco on the web at, and on our social media sites.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith