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Taco Update: News from Taco

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New, Improved Pump Wizard
Will Make You Smarter. Maybe.

Our newly-improved, more powerful Pump Selection Wizard helps you to do so much more in so much less time that you'll perform like a wizard yourself.

What's so great about the new Pump Wizard?
  • Search wider, deeper, faster than ever.
  • See pump curves and much more.
  • Compare pumps side-by-side within the service flow range you enter.
  • Compare up to 7 pumps side-by-side, with full access to all information for each.
  • Find and compare everything in one place—pump curves and all associated documents including instruction sheets, submittal data sheets and replacement parts lists.
  • Print whatever you need with one click, including full-size pump curves.
  • More powerful, but still as easy as ever to use.

See for yourself now.

Cast Your Vote in the Latest Taco Design Pro Poll
There's a new poll in progress at the Taco Design Pro community and we want your vote.
Are hydronic systems inherently healthier, more efficient and more comfortable than air systems?

Cast your vote. Post a comment.

The Taco Commercial Design Pro community is your best place to keep abreast of what the best and brightest HVAC pros are thinking today, and where the industry is going tomorrow. If you haven't joined the conversation yet, now's a good time to get involved.

Here is just some of what's waiting for you:
  • The latest industry news from hundreds of news sources.
  • Blogs from HVAC pros on the industry's hottest topics.
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • "Green Notes," reports and articles on industry issues, products, systems and technical innovations.
  • Lively debate on the topics that engage HVAC professionals—air vs. water, chilled beam cooling, green building, green schools, LEED and more.

The pros in the Design Pro community count on you to join the conversation, get involved and make this the Internet's most vibrant and valuable community.

Featured Product: Taco 1900 VFD Pump
Our 1900 VFD close-coupled, in-line pumps with integrated variable frequency drives—part of our e-smart family of products— are specifically designed for greater energy efficiency and building comfort.

Utilizing the integrated variable frequency drives, Taco 1900 VFD pumps gently ramp-up and ramp-down operation to adjust system flow to the actual heating and cooling demands of the system. The result is greater overall system efficiency and a typical payback period of less than 12 months, when replacing single-speed pumps.

Features of the Taco 1900 VFD pumps include:
  • Can be installed anywhere in the piping layout.
  • Self-supported by system piping; require no additional strapping or external support.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Permanently-sealed motor design with grease-lubricated ball bearings makes the 1900 virtually maintenance free.
  • Ceramic seals standard to meet a wide range of application requirements.

In addition, Taco offers an important feature unavailable from other pump manufacturers. 1900 VFD pumps may be optionally-equipped with Aegis™ shaft grounding rings to prevent electrical bearing fluting damage. The factory-installed rings safely divert harmful shaft voltages and bearing currents to ground with a "path of least resistance" to dramatically extend motor life.

Taco 1900 VFD e-smart pumps are available with single-phase or three-phase motors in five basic models ranging in size from 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" to 2" x 2" with a flow range of 10 to 250 GPM, and head capability to 160 feet.

Get complete information about Taco 1900 VFD Pumps.

Download the Taco Commercial Hydronics Brochure.

As always, is the place to go for complete Taco product information, application and technical support, and our entire family of Wizards standing by to help you quickly select the right pump, find documents, wiring diagrams, CAD files and Pro-Fit parts with just a few mouse clicks. Come visit and give them a try.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith