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What Makes LEED Projects and LEED Teams Different?

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LEED projects aren't the same as other design and construction projects and neither are effective LEED teams.

Team members need all the same professional training and skills of any big commercial project team. They also need that something extra to freely cooperate, collaborate and brainstorm with all the members of an inclusive team, from engineers and architects to electricians and contractors.

So says Taco Guest Contributor Lynne Bryan Phipps in her latest Green Paper podcast and article, "Building the LEED Team," at Taco's Commercial Design Pro community.

This is Lynne's third podcast in an ongoing series on LEED in specific and sustainable design in general. Listen to or download the podcasts and supporting Green papers here.

More, New Content in the Commercial Design Pro Community
Our latest podcast is just the tip of the iceberg of new material for commercial HVAC professionals in the Design Pro Community. You'll also find:

See it all in the Commercial Design Community.

Green Building on Facebook, Too
LEED and green building are topics of lively conversation over on the Taco Advanced Hydronics facebook page too.

Most recently, commercial HVAC pros are sharing views on the common pathways to green building and sustainable design, and how design strategies can foster a healthier lifestyle.

There are plenty of long-running discussions, too:
  • The liability concerns of water versus air.
  • What Shakespeare can teach us about designing green buildings.
  • The USGBC's latest LEED standard update, LEED 2012.
  • Plus photos of the Taco Innovation Center construction, links to great green building resources, articles, videos and more.

Visit the Taco Advanced Hydronics facebook page now.

Meanwhile on YouTube...
View a LEED Roundtable discussion on building Taco's Innovation Center.

Members of the project team from AKF Engineers, Baker Design Group, The Green Engineer and Shawmut Design and Construction talk about their specific responsibilities working with the LEED standards and the roll of mechanical and electrical systems in earning a LEED rating.

Featured Product: LoadMatch® System
The Taco LoadMatch® System is an innovative, energy-saving alternative to conventional hydronic systems that is ideal as an integral part of any green building design.

Compared to conventional systems, the LoadMatch System delivers better comfort, lower first costs, lower energy and maintenance costs, lower life cycle costs, and reduced design, start-up, and commissioning time.

The LoadMatch System includes:
  • LoadMatch Circulators for quiet, efficient operation in LoadMatch fan coil heating and cooling systems.
  • LoadMatch Twin Tee Fittings to ensure the comfort and performance of LoadMatch single-pipe, primary secondary, and two-pipe hydronic systems.
  • LoadMatch Thermostats for exceptional control of heat pump or fan coil LoadMatch systems.
  • LoadMatch green building compatible components including air separators, CA Expansion Tanks, KS Vertical Pumps and KV Vertical Pumps.
Learn more about the LoadMatch System, watch an introductory video, or download any of numerous case studies of LoadMatch performance in housing, offices, schools, hotels, and manufacturing applications around the U.S. and the world.

Visit the LoadMatch System page.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith