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Learning Financial Basics for Contractors
Has Never Been This Easy Before

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Learning Financial Basics for Contractors
Has Never Been This Easy Before

Residential plumbing and heating contractors have a unique opportunity to learn how to manage the financial heart of their business more easily, more quickly and with better results than ever before in a new, free, online course at Taco's FloPro University.

Small business expert Ellen Rohr of Bare Bones Biz has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of plumbing and heating contractors how to be more profitable by managing their business finances, with no accounting or business degree required

With a straightforward uncomplicated approach, Ellen shows contractors how to use two simple "scorecards"—the Balance Sheet and Income (Profit & Loss) Statement—to answer the key questions in any business: Where's the money? Where does it go? How can I make more of it?

As a "graduate" of this FloPro University course, you'll know how to put your business on the fast track to more profits and keep it there, without the headaches contractors often associate with managing their money. Take a look at "Financial Basics for FloPros," now.

This and all courses at the FloPro University are open to all contractors who are members of the Taco FloPro Team. If you're not a member, you can sign up now. It's free, it takes just a minute and FloPro University training is just one of many benefits.

What training would you like to see in the FloPro University? If you have ideas for courses, we want to hear them.

Watch New Video of the Taco Innovation & Development Center

You can view new video of the topping-off ceremony at the Taco Innovation & Development Center on Taco's You Tube channel, see video and photo slideshows on the Taco corporate facebook page, or view videos and other materials on the Innovation Center page on the Taco website.

The Innovation Center page is a great spot to follow the progress of the building from start to finish.

  • Groundbreaking ceremony. - video.
  • Architectural rendering of the finished building. - slideshow.
  • President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr., looks ahead. - video.
  • Executive VP Chris Integlia on the background of the project. - video.
We'll post videos, photos and other materials as we hit project milestones. Please visit the Taco Innovation & Development Center page regularly.

Featured Product: Low Water Cutoffs

Taco's family of Low Water Cutoffs (LWCO's) provide both residential contractors and commercial HVAC pros the right model to meet the requirements of any job. All three Taco LWCO models feature:

  • Simplified wiring. No electrician required for installation.
  • Flexible installation. No special tools required. Install directly into the boiler tapping above the minimum safe water line, or in a pipe tee above the boiler.
  • Reliable operation. Patented advanced signal processing eliminate false alarms and simply distinguishing between a low water problem or probe problem.
  • Confident operation. Test button enables you verify installation and wiring is correct and unit is operating properly.
  • Less service. And LED status lights simplify service when it's needed.

The LWCO LTR is the fastest, easiest way to meet code on residential gas boilers with 24 VAC control wiring.

The LWCO LTA-2 is ideal for applications where 120 VAC control wiring is preferred.

The LWCO LF is made for use on steam boilers, commercial boilers or wherever a manual reset LWCO is required by code.

Learn more and download LWCO product catalogs and documentation here.

The Taco website is the best place to go on the web for a wealth of Taco product and application information, technical support and HVAC news.

I hope to see you there soon. Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith