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Taco Update: News from Taco

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New Upgrade to FloPro Designer Software Makes Hydronic System Design Faster and Easier

The latest version of FloPro Designer, the software that slashes the time required to design residential and light commercial hydronic systems can now be downloaded from the Taco FloPro website.

The recent upgrade to this powerful, easy-to-use software includes a host of important improvements. With its intuitive graphic interface, FloPro Designer enables you to
  • Conduct a detailed heat loss analysis.
  • Lay out near boiler and system piping.
  • Size and select all the components.
  • Automatically develop a materials list.

In addition, FloPro Designer now includes an OEM boiler selection function. After you design your hydronic system, FloPro Designer's auto-select function picks the best boiler to meet system requirements.

Users can also design a system around their boiler of choice, using the boiler as a starting point. Drag and drop the preferred boiler into your schematic, and FloPro designer adjusts the system according to that model's capabilities. Full product lines from twelve boiler manufacturers are currently available in the software, with more to be added.

Other upgrades to the program include:
  • Easily move interior and exterior walls to match actual building layout, especially where a single zone covers multiple rooms.
  • See total heating and cooling loads displayed at the bottom of the screen automatically updated as new components are added.
  • Calculate under-slab insulation and floor insulation with unheated basement or crawl spaces.
  • Access a broader Taco product list now including pump flanges, differential bypass valves, air vents, flow switch and heat exchangers.

FloPro Designer is quick, accurate, and free to all members of the Taco FloPro Team contractor development and support program. The program is free to all residential contractors. Register here in under two minutes.

Visit the Taco FloPro Team website for more information and to download the free FloPro Designer software.

It's 'Taco On-Demand' on Your Desk
Now you can easily find any Taco video in our new video library on the Taco website.

We've assembled more than 160 videos you can review, ranging from a quick look at featured Taco products to extensive, multi-part training.
  • Product information.
  • Advanced hydronic system overviews.
  • Hydronics training.
  • Hydronic design tools tutorials.
  • Application case studies.
  • Special events, such as the ongoing coverage of the design and construction of the new Taco Innovation Center.

You can sort and search videos by title, topic and keyword to find just what you want quickly and easily. Take a look now.

Case Study:
Architects Walk the Green Mile with Taco's iWorx

When a group of progressive design professionals reclaimed an old structure in the Grove District of St. Louis for their offices, they vaulted beyond their considerable comfort zone when choosing energy systems. Mechanically speaking, what they chose is everything under the sun. Read the complete case study.

You can find the product and application support you want 24/7 at plus in-depth resources such as our entire document library and our suite of powerful HVAC design tools. And remember to follow Taco on your favorite social media.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith